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Madden 12 adds a Hall of Fame Edition to the roster


Marshall Faulk is the first athlete who has graced a Madden cover and is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. To celebrate this marketing opportunity, EA is releasing a Hall of Fame Edition of Madden NFL 12, replete with bronze, embossed cover, an autographed Panini trading card (inedible) and a Madden Ultimate Team Platinum Pack -- in-game collectible cards for Madden NFL 12's supplementary mode, Madden NFL Ultimate Team.

Oh, and if you're a Peyton Hillis fan, you can hit the jump to check out the official Madden NFL 12 cover. If you're not a Peyton Hillis fan, then don't sweat it: you can still daydream about how the curse will get him this season (if there is a season).

[Thanks, Matt]

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