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NHK develops ultra high-def camcorder with single 33 megapixel sensor (video)

Zach Honig

As still cameras go, a 33MP sensor is rather insignificant, considering you may already be walking around with 200 megapixels on your shoulder. When it comes to camcorders, however, this is the real deal, especially when each and every one of those 33 million pixels is captured by a single, ultra high-def sensor. NHK's research arm, which developed the cam, unveiled it at the company's technology open house in Tokyo. This seems like the perfect imaging device to show off Sharp's 33MP Super Hi-Vision TV, but that display must have been on duty at another booth. Also, the Sigma DSLR lens was focused on a still life, without any mention of frame rate, so we're a bit skeptical as to whether this thing is fully functional at this point. Either way, it's still just a prototype, so you won't be shooting your home videos in quasi-IMAX resolution just yet. In the mean time, jump past the break for that motionless video demo.

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