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Otomedius Excellent out July 19, includes optional pillowcase


Hey, you know how you've been shopping for a pillowcase with pictures of girls in spaceship suits? Well, we can finally tell you where to find one, and it includes an Xbox 360 shooting game as a bonus.

One day before its pre-E3 event (which would have been the perfect time to announce something like this), Konami announced that Otomedius Excellent, its Gradius-esque anime-girl shmup, will be out in North America on July 19.

It'll be available on disc in either a $29.99 version, or a $49.99 Special Edition which includes an art book, soundtrack, and the aforementioned home decor item, a " 2-sided pillowcase featuring the girls of Otomedius." Check out the full-sized boxart after the break. If you're immediately humiliated, you're not ready for the pillowcase.

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Fans of the Classic Side-Scrolling Popular Japanese Shooter Will Finally Get Their Hands on the Game This Summer

KONAMI today released the launch date and Special Edition information for Otomedius Excellent, which is now slated for release in July 19, 2011. Also announced today is the addition of a Special Edition version of North American release of the Gradius-inspired series, which includes a 2-sided pillowcase featuring the girls of OTOMEDIUS, an exclusive art book, and a single disc OTOMEDIUS soundtrack. The standalone game will retail for $29.99 while the Special Edition will be available for $49.99. More details of the Special Edition will be revealed at a later date.

Key Features Include:

• Classic Gradius-style gameplay gets a stunning update. Experience 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up gameplay like never before.
• Brilliant graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Environments are rendered in hi-definition and complemented by thrilling music.
• Lovely characters to pilot through an expanded world. Choose from nine characters on-disc to battle through all-new stages of thrilling shmup action!
• Three's company! Team up with a friend or two over Xbox Live Arcade or on one Xbox 360 to have help obtaining hard-to-get items!
• Eye-popping Gallery mode. View your unlocked stills and graphics in a new Gallery that grows as you progress through the game.

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