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Patch 4.2 Daily Quests: Punting Season and Echoes of Nemesis


Patch 4.2 is bringing one of the most ambitious daily quest hubs ever to World of Warcraft, as players dive into Ragnaros' fiery domain. Before players enter the Firelands, however, there is work to be done in the Regrowth, an area of Mount Hyjal under siege by Ragnaros' minions and the Druids of the Flame. Are you a bad enough dude to repel invaders from the Firelands?

Players begin at the Sanctuary of Malorne, where Matoclaw, Malfurion, and Mylune offer players quests to fend off invaders, save the denizens of Hyjal, and team up with the ancients once again. Today, we're going to talk about one of the most fun dailies since the creation of bombing runs back in The Burning Crusade: turtle punting.

Today's quests:
Remember, there are mild spoilers about quests launching with patch 4.2, so please be warned if you're particular about that sort of thing.

Punting Season

The children of Tortolla, the ancient tortoise who fought alongside the night elves during the War of the Ancients, are being tormented by elementals. It is up to you, the stalwart hero, to liberate these poor turtles from their oppressors and put out their fires. Efficiency is key, and time is running out for the poor baby turtles, so you'll need to deliver them to sweet, sweet, cool relief in the lake near the Sanctuary of Malorne. What better way than to punt the turtles over the treeline and into the water?

That's right. Punting turtles. After you pick up a turtle, you gain two new options on a vehicle bar. The first option is to punt your turtle, and the second is to put your current turtle down. Ignore option 2 -- we're here to punt. Line up your shot, aim for the lake, and let your boot do the talking. I love Tortolla and his adorable babies, but this is just too much fun.

After five turtles are safely "delivered" to the lake, the quest will auto-complete, and you will be given the next quest in the Tortolla chain. Completing this quest rewards one Mark of the World Tree and 12g 40s 50c.

Echoes of Nemesis

Nemesis has been banished back to the Firelands, but pieces of his essence remain. You are tasked with ridding Hyjal from the rest of Nemesis' echo by assaulting him near one of the portals to the Firelands. Players talk to Tooga, a fan favorite character from Tanaris who asked adventurers back in vanilla to escort him across the entire desert to be reunited with his wife. Now, Tooga answers the ancient's call to fight alongside his patron.

Tooga instructs the children of Tortolla to summon Nemesis with their bubble beams. After bursting forth from the portal, you engage for the final battle. The Totem of Tortolla should be used when Nemesis casts his Molten Fury ability, to mitigate the damage; otherwise, this ability takes about half of your health away.

Nemesis eventually falls, and Hyjal is safe once more for little turtles to run around in, in an adorable fashion. Return to Mylune for your reward. Completing this quest rewards two Marks of the World Tree and 25g 94s.

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