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Sharp gets mysterious, may bring Android-based QWERTY to AT&T?

Brad Molen

We've heard nothing but crickets from Sharp in the US after the release of the FX, a snoozer released on AT&T last summer. Nothing fresh has made its way into stores in a very long time -- unless you count the Aquos 007SH clamshell that hit the FCC last week -- so our interest was piqued after examining a new image that shows off an unnamed QWERTY slider phone from the same company. It reminds us a lot of the FX, actually, except with much smoother edges. We were also intrigued to discover that the mystery handset has a set of standard Android buttons, which would be a welcome upgrade for Sharp. The source responsible for the image mentioned it's bound for North America and uses 850 / 1900 3G connectivity; if the phone hits the US, the bands indicate it would become the latest addition to AT&T's Android lineup. We're sure the Pantech Crossover wouldn't mind a QWERTY-sliding friend to sit next to.

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