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Spriteloq helps Flash game developers move assets to Corona


Spriteloq is a new tool for Flash developers looking to make iOS games with the Corona SDK, now available on the project's website. The Corona SDK is a third-party software development kit used to put together iOS games and apps (we've covered it and spoken with the creators before). It allows devs to not only develop iOS apps, but also spread them across various other platforms, including Android and even platforms like the Nook and Kindle. Spriteloq is a brand new plug-in for that SDK that allows developers of Flash animations to simply pull them in, whole hog, without having to rebuild from scratch at all.

You can watch a video of how it works on the website. You can simply export .SWF files from Flash, convert them using Spriteloq, then quickly bring them back into Corona to use in an actual app. It seems like a really quick and easy way to take a lot of work already done in the Flash environment and bring it over to a much more portable system.

Spriteloq and Corona are both free downloads, though you'll need a license for each to actually produce a game or app with them. For the rest of us, this simply means we'll see even more Flash apps making their way over to the iOS platform.

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