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Guy Kawasaki to keynote MacTech Conference 2011


Former chief evangelist for Apple (back in the days when the Macintosh first launched) Guy Kawasaki will keynote MacTech Conference 2011, happening November 2-4 in Los Angeles. We reviewed Guy's latest book, Enchantment earlier this year. I've read several of Guy's books and recommend them all. If you're looking for pieces of Apple history, check out The Macintosh Way (available as a free download) and Selling the Dream in particular.

We also attended MacTech Conference last year and were very impressed with the event. There are two tracks, one for IT professionals and one for developers. For an additional fee attendees will be able to take Apple Certification exams.

We'll attend the 2011 MacTech Conference as well and provide coverage and interviews with attendees, including Kawasaki.

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