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IGF winner Desktop Dungeons gets a facelift, up for pre-order on PC and Mac


Hailing from South Africa -- notably the home country of Joystiq editor Ludwig Kietzmann -- QCF Design is building on the momentum it earned at this year's IGF awards with its bite-sized roguelike Desktop Dungeons by ... building on Desktop Dungeons. The game, which took home Excellence in Design honors, will be getting a major makeover for its full release on PC and Mac that "looks better, sounds better and is generally just more awesome," according to its developer.

In addition to general gameplay and balance fixes, the release -- the game's currently playable in a free alpha version -- will evidently boast an entirely new inventory system with a focus on character class progression and converting weapons when they're worn out. That and "so. much. content."

Pre-orders are open through QCF's site for the standard ($10) and special editions ($20) of the game, both of which offer access to its upcoming closed beta. The latter includes a "commemorative building," extra quests and an addition character class. No longer on offer: a $75 "exclusive edition" that gets its purchasers referenced in-game and their names in the credits.

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