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Motorola CLIQ 2 gets 1.1.30 update, brings fixes and new apps to your slider

Zachary Lutz

Whether it was the honeycomb keyboard, the FWVGA display or that new phone smell, the intoxication of owning a new CLIQ 2 masked the unpleasant odors within this device. Thankfully, a new update from Motorola promises to clear the air with improved battery life, fewer instances of apps crashing, and better haptic responses when typing. The list of improvements is substantial, so you'll want to check the source if you stand to benefit. After completing the OTA install, users will notice four new applications await, including: Lookout Mobile Security, MobiTV, Motorola's Family Room, and UNO. That's a lot to swallow if you're just wanting your phone to work properly. Even if you'd prefer doing without the added bloat, we're guessing CLIQ 2 fans will still want a whiff of this frozen yogurt laden with toppings.

[Thanks, Carlos]

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