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The Witcher 2 drops to $40 on Amazon


Look, we get it: You don't want to buy a game until you know it's good enough for the President of the United States. We hear you, bud, and you're in luck! The Witcher 2 is totally a game in the Presidential library!

Thus we'd like to inform you of a sale at Amazon. The game is available right now at a reduced cost of $40, both as physical media and a direct download. And if you're looking for further reason why you should care, know that we liked the game and stuff. We're no President by any means, but we're constantly asked to furnish a birth certificate to prove our citizenship. It doesn't help that it's our parents who keep requesting it, but still. That basically makes us President, right?

If you're not into that whole smiling logo thing, Steam also has the game on sale for $40.

[Thanks, Tyler C]

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