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Comscore says the iPhone now tops RIM in US subscribers

Mel Martin

It's probably not a gigantic surprise that Apple has slipped past the RIM BlackBerry phones, but it's a benchmark that should be noted. There may even be a few toasts in Cupertino.

Comscore keeps an eye on mobile trends, and a report released today says Apple has increased market share from 24.7% to 26% from January until April of this year. Google (Android) rose 5% to 36.4%, while RIM has 25.7% of smartphone subscribers. Microsoft, even with the addition of its new Windows Phone 7 line, has dropped 1.3% to a 6.7% share. A look at the numbers shows Android on top and gaining market share along with the iPhone, while RIM, Microsoft and Palm are all declining.

The report also describe how those polled use their phones. A full 68% of users send text messages, which is the most popular activity. Meanwhile, 39% use a browser, 37% download apps and 26% play games on their phones.

Here are the numbers in table form:

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