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Disney will not be a part of iCloud launch


Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke at the D9 conference this week, and said that while he considers the cloud to be a huge force in technology going forward, he's not sold enough to be included in the first round of Apple's almost-announced iCloud service.

Whatever Steve Jobs announces for iCloud on Monday (likely a music sharing and storage service, according to the rumors), it will not include goodies licensed under Disney. Still, Iger lauded Apple for working on what he called a "digital locker in the sky," saying that a system like that would really be "a step in a better direction for the user experience." Hopefully Apple will nail down Disney's agreement for iCloud in the future, if indeed it is going to serve as a media storage unit in the cloud.

Meanwhile, Iger's plans seem much more local to his company -- rather than relying on Apple or any other company to sell and store his content, Disney apparently plans to "deliver entertainment directly to our consumers through a proprietary site or platform," said Iger. Seems a little inconvenient to have each content company set up its own platform to sell content (rather than going through Apple's store and service), but to each his own, we guess.

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