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iOS notifications might be getting a jailbreak boost (Updated)


When Steve Jobs takes the stage next Monday to introduce the world to iOS 5, one of the things we're most hoping to see is an update to the notifications system -- it's a little old at this point, and we've seen some really innovative suggestions on how to spice it up. Like, for example, this design scheme, put together by a designer named Peter Hajas. In fact, wouldn't it be great if Apple saw this design, and actually hired Hajas to work on an official iOS release?

In point of fact, that might be exactly what happened. Last week, the iPhone Download Blog noticed that Hajas posted on his blog about "taking a break" from the public eye and his jailbreak work (his notifications were created as a jailbreak app called MobileNotifier), and Redmond Pie points out that he later tweeted about he's going to work for a "fruit company" in California. It's not too big a jump to guess that he doesn't mean one of California's many citrus-based farms, right?

No, we're joking, he very likely has gone to work actually designing notifications for Apple. In fact, the RP post now features an official-looking screenshot of Hajas' internal directory entry, listing him as an employee in iOS apps and frameworks.

Hajas posted on May 9 that he was heading out to Cupertino, so it's unlikely we'll see his work right away in any iOS 5 preview on Monday. Still, his story shows that Apple is watching the jailbreak community closely and hopefully bringing some of the best features over into the official OS.

This isn't the first talent grab by Apple that might impact notifications. A year ago, former Palm developer Rich Dellinger was bodysnatched to Cupertino, which drove speculation around Apple's plans for revamping the notifications.

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