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LG Optimus Black vs. iPhone 4, others in stop-motion video


I've never been a big fan of the company's phones, but LG sure makes some great videos. Its latest is the Smartphone Championship Race, a stop-motion NASCAR-inspired film that pits the LG Optimus Black against the iPhone, Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc and Samsung's Galaxy S. The competitors' phones are called other names so that LG doesn't get sued (the iPhone 4 is called "Waffle's Ivan").

As the phones race around the track, the competitors are eliminated one-by-one because of the phones' flaws. One is eliminated when it crashes because it can't clear a 9.3 mm entrance. The iPhone 4 is the last one to be eliminated; it doesn't finish the race because its weight keeps it from making it to the other side when it jumps from a ramp. The video is pretty clever, and hey, if you can't make the best phone in the world, at least you can make some cool stop-motion action.

[via MacNN]

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