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WoW Moviewatch: Million Miles from Home


This is a new movie by Dreyfus Xano, inspired by a Soosdon video from a while back. Xano's machinima is actually chock-full of references to other members of the machinima community; there's so many shout-outs in here I can't separate them all out. Million Miles from Home also has a guest star you probably recognize: Nananea.

Xano has been working on his machinima skills for a little while, and Million Miles from Home represents a significant step up for the creator. Using a story within the video helps give the action some frame and motion. That technique definitely seemed to help Xano's work, so I'd encourage him to keep working within a narrative framework.

Million Miles from Home won't be everyone's cup of joe, but I think it's worth the watch. I definitely hope to see Xano keep creating, and I look forward to the next.

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