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One Shots: Customization is king

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The APB community has turned out in force this week to show off high-tech mounts on One Shots, and those players submitting images have good reason to be proud of their vehicles. APB enthusiast John explains further:
Customization is the single best thing a game can offer to keep my attention. Not since pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies have I felt the sense of ownership I get in APB. Driving, shooting and designing unique looks and rides -- what's not to love? Attached is a picture of Tha Crim Huntah, my choice ride when I am out arresting Crims.
We're gearing up (pardon the pun) to move from mounts to enemies for next week's One Shots. Send the funniest, most strangely designed, or scariest enemy you've taken on in an MMO to along with your name and the name of the game. Tell us a little about the foe and we'll share it here on One Shots!

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