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Jagex shares more details about Transformers Universe

Eliot Lefebvre

Amidst all of the toy previews and Hall of Fame inductions at this year's BotCon, there's another element for fans -- an early look at Transformers Universe, the upcoming MMO developed by Jagex. And while the game is certainly not in a playable state just yet, the fine team at has put together a video interview with executive producer Kris Jones, showing off the early stages of character creation and discussing the game's future for development.

Transformers Universe is confirmed to take place within the current "Prime" continuity, but as Jones explains, the staff has been working closely with Hasbro to try to include as many signature characters as possible from the franchise's 27-year history. There's talk about hundreds of different parts for characters to choose between for customization as well as the possibility of fans uploading parts and decals to help personalize individual Transformers. Prospective fans should take a look at the full interview -- it's an early look but the sort of thing that should be of significant interest to longtime franchise enthusiasts.

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