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Lyon, France Apple Store is Apple's 325th


As of today, Apple has 325 Apple Stores worldwide. The latest one to open is in Lyon, France. The Lyon store is Apple's seventh store in France and located in the La Part-Dieu shopping mall. The store's location has strategic significance not only because Lyon is the third largest metropolitan area in France, but also because the store is located right by the Lyon Part-Dieu railway station. This prime spot will guarantee a steady flow of potential customers.

Apple Retail recently hit its 10th anniversary and the company shows no plans of slowing down as it plans to open a total of 40-50 stores in fiscal year 2011, which ends in September. One of these new stores in Hamburg, Germany was the target of some tomfoolery this weekend. Several Windows fanbois pranked the store by putting a giant Microsoft logo on its construction blackings.

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