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Battleground Europe celebrates D-Day, adds U.S. forces

Jef Reahard

June 6th is an historic day in the annals of both U.S. and military history. The Allied landing on the beaches of Normandy was not only the largest amphibious assault ever but also a decisive turning point in the course of the second world war. It's fitting, then, that D-Day also marks the 10th anniversary of Battleground Europe (or World War II Online, as it was known in 2001).

To celebrate, Cornered Rat Software has announced the addition of American forces to the long-running WWII sim. The dev team has also been hard at work on behind-the-scenes functionality improvements and a scenario-based gameplay option called Rapid Action.

A special Rapid Action D-Day scenario pack will mark the introduction of U.S. troops and equipment to the game, as will a special Battle for Aachen campaign event. Details on all the new deployments present in version 1.34 can be found on the official Battleground Europe website. You can also take a peek at Cornered Rat's 10th anniversary teaser after the cut.

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