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E3 2011: EA's Origin teases the SWTOR E3 trailer [Updated]


Everyone has been anticipating the next trailer from Blur Studio to finish out the Star Wars: The Old Republic's video trilogy. Thanks to Electronic Arts' new online store, Origin, we have a sneak peek into the content of the trailer!

In the first few seconds of the teaser, you see Jedi Satele Shan and an another unnamed Jedi onboard a starship, then a battalion of Sith Star Destoryers (which we assume has Darth Malgus aboard). Then the battle for Korriban begins. Darth Malgus attempts to take back the Sith homeworld as Satele Shan (with the help of a Smuggler) flees the war-torn planet.

Catch this full trailer after the break, and stay tuned for more E3 MMO news right here!

[Thanks to BJ Brains for the tip!]

[Updated: The full Blur trailer now follows the break, too.]

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