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iOS 5 previewed at WWDC, arriving this Fall (Updated)


Apple introduced iOS 5 at WWDC and kicked off the new release with over 200 new features. The keynote presented ten of the best features and here they are:

1. Notifications: Yay, no more interruptions from a giant box on your screen. iOS Notifications will appear at the top of your screen like Android. You can slide your finger across the notification and you will go directly to the message, email or app that generated the alert. You can also click on the "X" button to clear all the notifications.

2. NewsStand: NewsStand is the place for all your Magazine and newspaper subscriptions. On the iPad, this app will let you read your subscriptions as well as listen to audio and video. Each new magazine or newspaper edition is automatically downloaded to your device.

3. Twitter: Twitter is now integrated into iOS. A single sign-on is integrated into the settings which means you won't have to log in in for every app. Twitter is also integrated into the Camera and Photos apps so you can upload your new photos with a few clicks. Location information and thumbnails are also included. As expected, the Twitter integration taps into your contacts and let you assign @ handles to a contact.

4. Safari: To improve Safari, Apple introduced Safari Reader which will detect when you are reading a page with an article on it. The content of this article is pushed into a single page without ads and other distractions in the side bars.Safari Reader lets you email the content of the article or tweet about it. It also includes full tabbed browsing in Safari on the iPad.

5. Reminders: Reminders does exactly what it says -- remind you of all the important things you need to do. Includes location information and can remind you when you arrive and leave an event. Searchable and will sync with iCal.

6. Camera: The Camera app got a refresh with a new Camera shortcut on the lock screen (yay!). Double-click the home button and the camera app will launch. It will let you take a new picture even if you have a passcode set. You can also use the volume up button as a snap for the camera and grid lines to help frame your photos. Pinch-to-zoom is now added to the camera app as well. Built-in editor will let you crop, rotate, reduce red-eye and more.

7. Mail: Mail also gets some fresh new features including full text searching, rich text formatting, and flagging. Swipe to add an inbox and new enterprise features that add support for S/MIME. A dictionary is now integrated into the app as well as a new split keyboard which will make typing that much easier.

8. PC Free: Cut the cord. PC Free gives you the ability to setup and activate your brand new iPhone directly from the handset. Software updates are now over the air (double-yay!), even minor patches and little changes like add/delete calendars and add/remove mailboxes can be done from the handset.

9. Game Center: Game Center now includes photos with the profiles, game recommendations, and overall achievement scores. Support for turn-based games is now added into iOS so games like Scrabble will be easier to build.

10. iMessage: A new messaging service just for iOS 5 owners. It's SMS on steroids with a bit of BlackBerry Messenger for iOS! You can send text, photos, videos contacts, group messaging, delivery receipts and more. iMessages are pushed to all iOS device and it works over 3G and WiFi. And it supports encryption!

11. Other: Airplay mirroring to television wirelessly and WiFi sync to iTunes. New multitouch gestures to flick between apps. New APIs. Built-in dictionary, voice-over options, alternate routes in maps, and more. You can check out these other features here.

The developer seed for iOS 5 goes out today. The final version will ship this fall to customers. It will support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch.

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