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iPads used for diagnosis and treatment in Texas hospital


You can add another hospital group to the list of those already using iPads in a medical setting. Texas Health Resources will be using Apple's magical and revolutionary tablet to help test patients' recovery, check the status of inpatients, and share and view medical records around the hospital.

There's a whole strategy called mHealth built around mobile devices like the iPad in the company, and a recent survey of employees suggested that 40 percent of the doctors in facilities are already using iPads or another tablet.

Texas Health is also running their own apps -- they have six up and running at the moment, with even more being tested and worked on. One reason the iPad is so helpful for them, they say, is that they allow doctors and nurses to stay mobile rather than sitting on a computer at a desk, which means more hands-on time with patients.

Of course, that also means more IT workers to keep the mobile devices updated and running well, but apparently Texas Health is all over that one. It's good to see Apple's tablet being put to good use in health care facilities where it can really make a difference.

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