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Kinect Fun Labs revealed, features creepy Avatars


With the contents of Microsoft's E3 website reportedly spilled, a new episode of Major's Minute on Xbox Live has revealed Kinect Fun Labs. The video (embedded after the break), showcases a number of Kinect mini-games, many of which we've seen rumored already, including Kinect Googly Eyes and Kinect Me.

The various games allow players to scan objects and play with them on screen and, in the case of Kinect Googly Eyes, scan an object and add googly eyes to it. Kinect Me is easily the creepiest of the group, allowing users to turn an image of themselves into a customized Avatar. The Kinect Bobblehead app essentially does the same thing, only with more bobbling. The neatest app of the bunch is definitely Kinect Sparklers, which enables players to trace sparklers around a 3D image using finger tracking.

Before you watch the vid, brace yourself for the inevitable chills induced by Kinect Me.

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