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Need for Speed: The Run lets you get out of your car, take off running


As you can see above, Need for Speed: The Run is about more than just driving cars across the United States as fast as possible. Apparently, it's also about hopping out of your car and running like hell while all sorts of madness chases after you.

During EA's E3 2011 presser, a controller-laden developer took the reins and, well, ran as fast as possible, eventually leaping from a building as a helicopter fired on him. He then snagged a cop car and took off as the helicopter continued after him, all the while dropping bullets by the boatload. We'll have the trailer up for you as soon as possible, but for now, know this: you'll totally be able to run around on two feet in Need for Speed: The Run, as well as spin out on four tires.

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