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Panasonic GF3 spied by Micro Four Thirds enthusiasts in YouTube vid?


The folks at 4/3 Rumors believe they've spotted Panasonic's successor to the compact Micro Four Thirds GF2 -- the aptly named GF3. The site's eagle-eyed camera fiends noticed an unfamiliar digicam in a promo video (since removed from YouTube) that sports an interchangeable lens and is smaller than a DSLR. The design of the camera is somewhat similar to the GF2, though it sports a more pronounced hump and a more modern look. Rumors have suggested that the GF3 would lose the hot shoe, which this glossy-white mystery device clearly lacks, and borrow the 16-megapixel image sensor from the G3. While you wait for Panasonic to announce its tiny new hobbyist shooter, which is expected to happen on June 13th, enjoy another pair of pics after the break.

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