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The Secret World unveils Atlantic Island Park

Jef Reahard

Funcom may not be previewing The Secret World at this week's E3 convention in Los Angeles, but you can bet on a couple of reveals designed to keep the horror-conspiracy MMORPG fresh on everyone's mind.

First up is a new location blurb update on the game's official website. Atlantic Island Park is a creepy-crawly outdoor area oozing with dread atmosphere. Originally built in the 1970s by industrial tycoon Nathaniel Winter, the place was beset by freak accidents and ghostly sightings from the beginning.

Kingsmouth locals opposed the construction due to the dark history of the Henderson farm, on which the park was built, but development continued. Apparently, so did a blood curse, night terrors, and various and sundry scream-inducing phenomena. Check out the details on the official website.

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