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E3 2011: Enemies unite in new DCUO trailer


Amidst all the buzz at this year's E3, Sony Online Entertainment is showing off the latest developments coming for its superhero MMO DC Universe Online. In the new Enemies Unite trailer, we get a possible glimpse at upcoming content that turns the roles of hero and villain on their heads. Supervillain Brainiac launches an attack on the Fortress of Solitude, and the DC heroes are forced to team up with their adversaries to fight the common foe.

The only information released so far is a trailer that's currently showing at E3. Details on how the new content will work and when it will arrive are still forthcoming, but this is sure to be an interesting update for fans of DC. Massively is on the floor at E3 right now trying to get the scoop on this interesting upcoming addition to DC Universe Online.

Skip past the cut to watch the full trailer video, embedded in HD.

Massively's on the ground in Los Angeles during the week of June 6-9, bringing you all the best news from E3 2011. Whether you're dying to know more about Star Wars: The Old Republic, RIFT, or any MMO in between, you can bet we'll have it covered!

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