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The King of Fighters XIII makes a royal appearance on PS3 and Xbox, escorted by Atlus


In an email sent to its "Faithful" fan mailing list, Atlus revealed plans to localize SNK's PS3/Xbox 360 fighting game The King of Fighters XIII, for a North American release "this holiday season."

Originally released last year in Japan, the latest release in SNK's fighting dynasty includes over 30 characters, a significant step up from the 20 included in the last game. "Back by popular demand, your favorite fighters rejoin the roster including K', Vice, Kula, Maxima and more," the website says, in front of an image of Mai, Yuri, and King -- none of whom appeared in KOF XII. In addition, the sequel promises a "rebuilt online mode" for enhanced stability.

Atlus linked to Amazon's pre-order pages on the website, both of which have KOF XIII arriving in October for $50. That's not exactly as trustworthy as a royal decree, but it's encouraging.

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