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Reported Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X screen shots


Earlier today Twitter user BWilks2001 posted screenshots of what is allegedly Motion 5. Motion is part of the Final Cut Studio suite and while Apple previewed Final Cut Pro X in April, it has not shown off any of the other apps from the suite -- even though Apple has said the next Final Cut Studio suite will be available for US$299 in the Mac App Store by the end of June. As for those other apps, all Apple said was "stay tuned."

Judging from the screenshots, Motion 5 will offer a "rigging" feature. In addition to Motion 5, BWilks2001 said the next Final Cut Studio suite will "supposedly" feature a new version of Color, Apple's color-timing software. Interestingly, the BWilks2001 Twitter account no longer exists. Whether the user created the account just to leak the images, or if Apple had Twitter pull the account since the two companies are buddy-buddy, is unknown.

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