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The Queue: Kettlebells and personal hells


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley will be your awesome host today.

I have a new workout routine that includes a healthy dose of calisthenics and kettlebell exercises. So I went out and got a kettlebell. Before BlizzCon, I would like turn 15 out of my 180 pounds into muscle instead of useless body fat, and this seems like the best way to do it.

Working out feels great! Especially the part where your entire body hurts and your muscles burn because you haven't lifted at this frequency in a while. It still feels great, though. Here I am, writing this Queue, in crazy amounts of soreness and pain but feeling better than ever. I am very determined to meet my BlizzCon goal. By fitness be purged!

TheRedComet asked:

I've got a question about the recent Call to Arms feature they added. I see a lot of people on the forums seem to be against it, while others like me really don't have much of a problem with it. I've had some pretty good PUG experiences and much shorter queue times since it was implemented, I've noticed.

Anyway, do you think Blizz will ever remove the feature due to people being agianst it? Or is this just a case of a small group being vocal about it?

I do not think the Call to Arms feature was as reviled as people thought it was. The vocal minority came out in full force over it, but it seems like it has done a good thing to the DPS queues that players have been subject to. Sure, you're going to get the odd, less-than-stellar tank, but to be fair, I was getting those before Call to Arms, and I was sure that I would be getting them after Call to Arms. I feel like the Call to Arms hate was definitely a minority opinion, as the fervor over it has essentially died down.

Personally, right around the time the Call to Arms bags came into being, I was on my way out of random heroics for good on my tank. Now, when I am on my healer, I usually only queue up when a bag is available. Otherwise, I am off doing something else.

Chris asked:

A question for the queue. I just got my first Alliance toon to 85 to match my horde toon. I noticed something weird. I went through all the Cata zones except Vash'ir(hate water), and it seemed aside fromt the Twilight Highlands, that all the zones were neutral zones. Do you think blizzard is getting away for Horde or Alliance camps and just making everything neutral? I know it seems easier from a developement standpoint, but I kinda like have horde camps or alliance camps that I can attack while leveling.

Twilight Highlands definitely pits the Horde and the Alliance against each other pretty seriously, but the rest of the zones are fairly neutral because of the self-contained stories that they are trying to tell. You cannot have a Hyjal separated by the Horde and the Alliance, because that's not what Hyjal is about. It could have potentially been done with Vashj'ir, but the story centered more around the neutral factions and a common enemy in the naga. Deepholm and Uldum were too "grand" set pieces that, at their heart, were almost factionless stories that took place outside of the Horde and the Alliance.

After those, however, Twilight Highlands is all about getting you back into the fight.

It felt like the decision was made to tell a few very broad, sweeping story arcs that existed in both factions' worlds and to have Twilight Highlands be where the conflict comes to a head. The other zones are their own summer vacations away from the fighting with the Horde and the Alliance, especially after 60 levels of it in the newly revamped Cataclysm level 1-60 experience. I thought it worked well, but I loved Twilight Highlands more than anything.

rwsitguy asked:

Question for The Queue:

With so many different animals occupying every corner of the world, why is there no animal 'waste' all over the ground? SW alone should be knee deep in it!

Alliance characters pick it all up with their multitude of poop quests in The Burning Crusade and beyond. Blizzard really likes giving the Alliance poop quests.

Reanne asked:

Question for the Q....
Do you have to finish the Hyjal quest series before you can go to the Firelands?

You must finish up to the part in Hyjal where you reclaim the Regrowth area near the Sanctuary of Malorne in order to participate in the new daily quests and area coming in patch 4.2.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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