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These are the Old Republic Razer peripherals you're looking for


Razer has announced that it will be producing four peripherals tailored for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The peripherals come packing the (ahem) sharp design that Razer is known for, along with a few slick technical features. The neatest of the bunch is the keyboard, which features a multi-touch LCD panel with a set of adaptive keys similar to those seen on the Razer Switchblade device. The backlit keys can even be converted to the Star Wars language of Aurebesh, which is neat, if not exactly useful.

The SWTOR Gaming Mouse features seventeen programmable buttons, twelve of which rest directly under the thumb. A 5.1 surround sound headset is also in the works. Finally, there's the mouse pad, which features "performance-grade" surfaces and a "non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coating." Presumably, you can drag a mouse on it real good. All can be customized to show either the Sith or Republic faction insignia as well.

The mouse and headset will run for $130, while the keyboard will command a hefty $200 price. If you just need something Old Republic, the mouse pad is the cheapest option at $50 but, then again, it's a mouse pad. All the peripherals will be available when The Old Republic launches, which remains as much of a mystery to Razer as it does to everyone else.

Check out pics of the hardware in the gallery below and a trailer after the break.

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