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Eden Eternal turns the spotlight on the Cleric


Despite being deep in the beta process -- or perhaps because of it -- Eden Eternal has emerged to highlight another one of its 15 classes: the Cleric. Master of buffing and heals, the Cleric promises to be a welcome addition to any team (not to mention a very solo-capable class).

Clerics are unlocked at level 5 and are the first characters to be capable of healing and supporting others. The class has access to seven Cleric-only skills as well as five skills available to all support classes. And while Clerics -- like all classes in the game -- can wield any weapon, they do the best when equipped with a mace.

You can check out the class trailer for the Cleric after the jump, and make sure to check out our first impressions of Eden Eternal if you haven't done so already!

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