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Vodafone UK bids adieu to Galaxy Tab 10.1v, likes its slates skinny


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Back in February, it looked like Vodafone UK was more than happy to get its hands on the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v, but with the impending UK release of a younger, slimmer model, the carrier is giving the 10.1v the boot. According to some helpful tipsters, customers who showed early interest in the thicker version of the tablet have received an "important update" from Vodafone saying, "We've decided to add the slimmer Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to our range, which will now take the place of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v." The landing page for the original 10.1 has also been removed from Vodafone's website. Looks like it's a sad day for our friends across the pond who like their tabs with a little extra cushion, not to mention an 8 megapixel camera.

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