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Wii U currently only supports one WiiPad

Justin McElroy

Investing in a new console is never cheap, but considering the main input method for the Wii U is a controller with a screen in it, we were understandably daunted by the idea of having to buy multiple WiiPads. According to Shigeru Miyamoto (probably known best as the senior producer on Chibi Robo) we needn't have worried.

Miyamoto told GamePro that the Wii U will only support one WiiPad, explaining that if the company had wanted to do multiple touchscreens it would have found a way to let players use 3DS systems with the new console.

Miyamoto didn't rule out the possibility of letting you take your WiiPad to a friends house and linking up play somehow, but it doesn't seem to be actively in the works at the moment.

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