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WoW Moviewatch: Eternal Rose


This is the new video by Master Vertex, the same chap responsible for Rude Awakening, with key assistance from Mistrose. The video is called Eternal Rose; it's intended to be an introduction into some roleplay characters. While the story in the video is certainly open to interpretation, the animation is absolutely gorgeous.

The graphics in the video are beautiful, and I suspect Master Vertex has some definite animation chops. That being said, this video is awesome because of the design and screen elements, not just because it is well-animated. The piece has a romantic, elegant feel, and Vertex has pulled together the characters in an enchanting way. I found the rose metaphor to evocative, even if it's sometimes overused in animation.

My hat's off to Master Vertex, obviously, and I look forward to seeing what he might do next.

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