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T-Mobile ad illustrates Angry Birds' immense popularity


One app that has grown from an iPhone hit to a worldwide phenomenon is Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds. Whether you're a fan of knocking over pigs and structures by flinging birds, or go berserk when you hear the Angry Birds theme music, you have to admit that the popularity of what was originally a simple iOS game it pretty amazing. Now T-Mobile is capitalizing on Angry Birds fever with a clever YouTube video titled Angry Birds Live.

A human-scaled mockup of the Angry Birds world was created in a square in Barcelona, with lucky participants using the game on a smartphone to launch birds on their castle-smashing journey. It includes authentic sounds effects and exploding pigs, and was obviously popular judging from the size of the crowd that appears.

The ad isn't iPhone-specific, noting that T-Mobile has the "widest range of smartphones," but the carrier does sell the iPhone outside of the U.S. and the game got its start on iOS. With that, we present to you Angry Birds Live in all of its glory:

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