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DIY iPad photo booth captures the moments you might be too drunk to remember


Tired of the same old PC-enabled photo booth popping up at every wedding, Bar Mitzvah, and Secretary's Day celebration you attend? Well, you're not alone -- a German photographer named Rocco has tapped his apparent frustration over the conventional photo booth rig to create his very own iPad-connected setup. Rocco's arrangement features a Nikon DSLR, wireless flash trigger, and an iPad, using the ShutterSnitch app, stuffed into a little black box and connected to a foot pedal that allows partiers to hit the switch when they see fit. Once captured, the photos are transferred to the iPad's screen, allowing subjects to browse and email their favorite look-how-wacky-I-am shots. If you're looking to upgrade your photo booth setup for your next Rapture BBQ or World IPV6 Day celebration, follow the source link for instructions.

[Thanks, Chris]

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