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Droid Charge update brings personal hotspot back in time, adds improvements


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Boy, it sure has been a fun ride for Samsung Droid Charge fans. Since the beginning of this month, said LTE phone's been plagued by a rather silly bug: its mobile hotspot feature only works if you set the date to some time in May. Thankfully, Verizon has now released an update that'll bring the device back in time for some hassle-free hotspot action, so that TARDIS of yours can be stowed away for now. Also added in the package is a whole stash of enhancements here and there, including boosted battery life during voice calls, better browser performance, new email folder structure, improved GPS performance, and many more goodies. As usual, anticipating owners can keep an eye out for the OTA update notification, but feel free to chill in May if you're enjoying the vacation.

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