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Apple almost worth more than Microsoft, HP and Dell combined


Before WWDC, Apple's market cap exceeded that of Microsoft and Intel combined. This week another report compares Apple to Microsoft, Dell and HP.

After a slight dip in its stock last week, Apple is now valued at US$301 billion, which is slightly less than the $302 billion of Microsoft ($200 billion), HP ($72.8 billion) and Dell ($29.3 billion) combined. Apple's position is even more impressive when you compare it to other tech and mobile leaders.

Last year, Apple surpassed Microsoft in market cap and is now worth 100 billion more than Microsoft. This figure is more than RIM, Nokia, Netflix and eBay combined. It is equal to Amazon and Adobe combined and is only $15 million shy of Intel's total market cap. If it can grow that much in the least months, one wonders how much its lead will extend at the end of the next 12 months.

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