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Apple Store employee moves to create a union


The employee who formed the Apple Retail Workers Union in May has revealed himself to be Cory Moll, a part-time employee at a San Francisco Apple store. Moll told Reuters that he decided to go public with his union stance in order to encourage other like-minded employees to come forward.

In order to unionize, a majority of workers need to support the idea before a union can be formed. Moll says there's currently less than 50 percent interest in most of Apple's stores, "...but as people talk about it, we could get close in a couple of stores."

Apple confirmed to Reuters that Moll has been an employee for four years. He makes US$14 an hour at the San Francisco store where he works. The San Francisco minimum wage is $9.92 per hour. In addition to a website, Moll has set up a Twitter account and Facebook page to rally others to his cause.

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