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Logitech G400 optical gaming mouse available for pre-order, wants to replace your aging MX518

Joe Pollicino

It's been almost a decade since Logitech introduced the now revered and oft-imitated MX518 optical gaming mouse, and this mainstay peripheral is finally getting a well-deserved upgrade as the new G400. Externally, the design isn't much different; it's merely sporting a stealthier grey hue and a cable that's "thinner and twenty-five percent lighter." All of the tweaks Logitech has made to help improve your fragging life are internal. The optical sensor is twice as sensitive with a maximum 3,600 DPI resolution (selectable down to 400) that maintains a tracking speed of 140 inches per second, and the mouse reports 1,000 times per second over USB (up from 250). This little guy will even work with the macros on G-series keyboards. If your clicker-finger is starting to itch for one, $50 will snag you a pre-order from Logitech in the US where it's due out on June 19th, while the rest of the planet will have to rock their 518s into July.

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