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PSA: NintendoWare Weekly is now on Thursdays


With the 3DS eShop finally launched, and therefore a new system to support with cool stuff, you might have been looking forward to the rare Monday in which we all did more than just make fun of downloadable Nintendo games.

But it's not to be. Not today, anyway. Nintendo is shuffling its weekly downloadable releases to Thursdays starting this week. That includes not just the 3DS stuff, but DSiWare, WiiWare, and (occasionally) Wii Virtual Console as well. Come back June 16! We'll have exciting new 3DS releases to talk about ... and we'll probably still have a couple things to make fun of, to be perfectly honest.

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intendo Download Gets a Makeover, Adds Nintendo eShop Content on June 16

Sometimes you just need to shake things up to keep them interesting. That's especially true with the recent launch of the Nintendo eShop, a new virtual store that gives Nintendo 3DS™ users access to a wide variety of downloadable games and select content that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses. To mark the debut of the Nintendo eShop – and provide consumers with a valuable one-stop showcase of all the latest downloadable content across Nintendo systems – the weekly Nintendo Download is about to get a makeover.

Starting June 16, the Nintendo Download will include information about the newest additions to the Nintendo eShop, including new 3D games, 3D Classics (select classic video games re-mastered in 3D), Virtual Console™ versions of games from the Game Boy™ and Game Boy Color systems, and hundreds of games originally offered via the Nintendo DSiWare™ service. What's more, this modified weekly update will be posted Thursdays instead of Mondays, giving fans a heads-up on the latest offerings just in time for the weekend.

Loyal readers can rest assured that the Nintendo Download will continue to feature the latest items for the WiiWare™, Nintendo DSiWare and Wii Virtual Console services, highlighting the ever-growing variety of instantly downloadable games and entertainment for Nintendo systems. Likewise, content will continue to be added to the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop on a weekly basis, also on Thursdays.

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