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Tetris goes 3D on PSN today, 3DS in October


If you run to your PS3 now and fire up Tetris, you'll be presented with the option to update. Download that 75MB file and -- just like that! -- you'll be playing in 3D. Oh, also, you have to have a 3D television and be wearing your glasses. We should really have told you about that part first.

In other 3D Tetris news, right before E3 the Tetris Company announced plans to localize Hudson's Tetris Axis for 3DS this October, claiming that it "will allow fans to experience the game like never before – in 3D!" Now, by the time that comes out, fans will already have experienced it through the PS3 version, rendering that hyperbolic press release statement inaccurate.

To be fair, though, it was already inaccurate, because the Virtual Boy's V-Tetris got there first, in 1995.

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