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Battlefield 3 console version to debut on Jimmy Fallon Thursday


We've seen quite a bit of the drop-dead gorgeous PC version of Battlefield 3, but thus far the console version has been kept out of the public eye. That's set to change tomorrow night, as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will debut the console version of Battlefield 3. Specifically, the Battlefield Blog reveals that Jimmy will be demonstrating the PS3 version of the game with the help of DICE's Johan Dohl. The show is scheduled to air tomorrow night at 12:35AM (11:35PM CST).

The demo comes as part of Jimmy Fallon's video game week. Tonight's episode will feature Uncharted 3 and the Wii U is expected on Friday. In case you missed them, we've embedded Monday and Tuesday's sneak peeks of Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 after the break.

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