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PSA: Crysis 2 'Decimation Pack' DLC out now for Xbox 360, PC


It's an ongoing Crysis -- EA and Crytek have launched the second DLC expansion for Crysis 2, dubbed the Decimation Pack, for Xbox 360 and PC. Available right now via the Xbox Live Marketplace and as an in-game purchase for PC, the 800 MSP ($10) add-on content brings five new maps and two new weapons to the Crysis sequel's multiplayer mode.

The added maps are: 5th Avenue, Apartments, Chasm, Plaza and Prism. Players' arsenals have been expanded with the long-range FY71 assault rifle and smoke grenades. This is the second multiplayer DLC for the game, which received the Retaliation Pack -- adding four new maps -- last month.

Look for the the Decimation Pack to arrive on PS3 June 28. See the new maps and weapons in action after the break.

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