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Sony offering six months of Qriocity to PS3 owners

Were you perplexed by the odd, seemingly misspelled word that kept periodically popping up during Sony's updates about the PSN outage? You know, Qriocity? It seems Sony is attempting to take advantage of your piqued attention, as PlayStation Blog has announced that all PS3 owners ages 18 and up are eligible to receive a free 180-day membership to the streaming music service.

To access the offer, PS3 owners simply need to select the "Music Unlimited" option under the Music pane of the XMB. After that, it's just a matter of figuring out which of the seven million tracks therein you want to listen to first. No, seriously, it's an important decision. If you kick off your Qriocity career with Hoobastank, we're going to be very disappointed in you.

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