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The Queue: Alcohol-free zone

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

When I first started here at WoW Insider, someone asked me if it felt cool to have my character in header images for articles. I said, "Not really. It feels cooler to be writing the articles." Three and a third years later, I have refined my answer: yes. It's very cool. The big things shouldn't make the little things stop feeling good, people. Appreciate all of it.

Now that the shallow, pretentious life advice is out of the way ...

Capt. Placeholder asked:

I quit WoW around the beginning of the year (After playing around with Cata using the Collector's Edition that I got for my Birthday). The thing is - Is it a good time to jump back in? I plan on creating a new character and what not, I can't get myself to play the old characters because then I will be in the SAME rut I was in when I quit. I want to just play some good ol' PvP and have some fun!

Anyways - Is it good to jump in now? Or should I wait when 4.2 is released?

If your interest is PvP, patch 4.2 doesn't seem like it will bring you anything that wasn't there when you quit. It's a new arena season, but if you're starting a new character, it will likely be awhile before you can touch that at all. If you were a PvE player I would say absolutely, come back for a month, try the new Firelands quests and the raid zone ... but if you PvP, I don't think you'll be pulled out of the rut you were in to begin with.

Jaq asked:

while I know this won't happen in 4.2 or it would have been found by now, will there ever be an update to the gear handed out by the TB vendors? Or will it just be left behind by the times, like the Argent Crusade gear?

I ask because I have nearly 600 commendations and I've had everything from the vendor there for AGES.

I think it's unlikely that we'll see an update to that gear, but you never really know with Blizzard. I don't recall them updating the gear from Wintergrasp in Wrath of the Lich King, and they certainly didn't with any of the battleground-exclusive gear such as the stuff from Warsong Gulch reputation.

Arrohon said:

I'm a minor and have no plans of ever touching alcohol. I honestly just wish that beer discussions weren't taking up pages of comments on a WoW fansite. Oh well, I just feel sorry for Sacco having to read through all of these to find good questions for tomorrow's Queue :)

Man, I wish Sacco had to do it.

Zahira asked:

Question for the Queue - Alliance on my server is dieing fast and I can't afford to transfer off all of my, and my husband's toons. It would cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of $450 just to transfer off the higher level ones (60+). The Horde Population is thriving though, but being Alliance on my server has become like playing alone in a ghost town unless you are in an elite raiding spot. There are no pugs, hell there aren't even trade trolls anymore. So how do you find out If and when Blizz is considering free transfers off the dying server that is Archimonde?

Blizzard always announces free transfers on the official forums when they open them up, so just watch there. However, you're unlikely to see free transfers off of Archimonde. You are infinitely more likely to see free servers to Archimonde to breathe life into it if its dying than you are to see free transfers off of it to kill it dead.

@efinkg4 asked:

I leveled my alt too fast with heirlooms. Do I need to go back to BC and Wrath to grind rep?

Not unless you want to do so. If you want their associated achievements, if you want the vanity items those reputations may possess, sure. Go back there, have fun, enjoy yourself. If you don't want those things, you don't need to grind those reputations to succeed at level 85. Cataclysm content is the only content necessary to get ahead in Cataclysm.

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