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Around Azeroth: You got bones in your closet


Blood elf hunter Akussa of Draka (US-H) writes, "I was exploring the nooks and crannies of Vashj'ir several nights ago. As I was swimming around the Abandoned Reef in the Abyssal Depths, idly looking for Ghostcrawler, curiosity grabbed me and I started playing with my Eagle Eye spell to see what was over the side of Vashj'ir as it vanishes into the dark, foreboding depths. Normally attempting to swim down there would kill you, but I was able to chain hop my Eagle Eye around, and while doing so I happened upon this small graveyard of skeletons and their bizarre little glowing pearl. I spent a good while looking around, fascinated by what it could possibly be and why a dev put it way out in the middle of nowhere."

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