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Champions Online comic series issue 3 goes live


The last issue of Champion's Online's Aftershock comic series, Hang On, saw our valiant heroes returning to Camp Lantern, where UNTIL's Major Okonkwo and her troops were trapped in a bunker with a legion of UNTIL and VIPER troops possessed by some eldritch power. Against all odds, the heroes were able to reach the Major before she met an untimely demise, but this small victory was short-lived as the Major reported the presence of Operation Demonflame veteran Sergeant James Collins as well as a number of arcane Qliphothic artifacts. Do the artifacts have some connection to the strange occurrences at Camp Lantern? Will our heroes make it out alive, or are they doomed to meet the same fate as the possessed soldiers?

Well, Champions Online players can find out now, as issue 3 of the Aftershock comic series is now live. In this issue, the entire fortress in which our heroes are currently trapped has been transported to the Qliphothic realm, described as "a dimension of chaos and destruction." Players must contend with the unspeakable horrors of the Qliphothic realm while they search for a way home. The fate of Major Okonkwo, the Champions, and perhaps the universe rests on the shoulders of our heroes in Aftershock issue 3, A Long, Long Way From Home!

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