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Evangelion Sound Impact trailer shows six rhythm minigames, one awful pun


We were really excited about finding out what the Grasshopper-developed Evangelion game would look like -- and what Akira Yamaoka's new soundtrack would sound like, and so we went to the newly opened official site ... only to find that the video was region-locked. Way to reinforce the message that we're not getting this game, Namco.

Luckily, Andriasang found a YouTube capture of the trailer, allowing those of us outside Evangelion's native land to see the quick hints of the rhythm minigames included in the PSP game. We can also see that it's officially called "3nd Impact," which is a pun on the Japanese word for the number three, "san." So .... "san-nd impact."

This has been your Pun Education Moment.

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